Pay it forward

Had the opportunity to pay it forward today.  

The Cornerstone Alliance Women's Business Center offers a class for women starting new businesses.  The class is called Power and the purpose is: Promoting Opportunities for Women EntrepReneurs .  It is a several week class covering a number of issues. purchasing, business structure, website building recordkeeping and networking.

 Today I taught the class on recordkeeping.  What a great group of women I met today and heard  variety of business ideas.  We had one in the class who wants to start an internet commerce business to promote the Southwest Michigan Region with emphasis on Benton Harbor, another one wants to start a child care business that is not just a day care but will cover multiple shifts and there also was one who is a baker and is sharing her skills with the world.  

In the class today we discussed how to keep basic financial records both with an accounting program and without.  The chart of account structure and where transactions would fall on financial statements were explored.  How to recognize what is a business expense and what is not.  The emphasis was on how the financial records of their business helps them to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business.  

The experience was inspirational and exciting for me.  It is always interesting to see, what the passion is that leads someone to start their own business.

Once again kudos to The Cornerstone Alliance Women's Business Center.  Margaret Adams and the team are a great source of knowledge and encouragement!